Yemas de Santa Teresa (Yolks of Saint Teresa) are the most emblematic confectionary from the province of Ávila. The original, authentic Yemas de Santa Teresa came about in 1860, when Mr Isabelo Sánchez, the owner of the patisserie La Flor de Castilla, created them, naming them in honour of Saint Teresa of Jesus.

The recipe for this emblematic confectionary, with fresh egg yolk and sugar as the sole ingredients, has been passed down unchanged from generation to generation for more than 150 years. It is a delicacy that many associate with the confectionary made in convents even though this was not the true origin.

The secret behind the Yemas de Santa Maria is to use a carefully selected yolk, taking into account the diet of the hens, the number of days since laying and its freshness at the moment of use in the bakery. The Yemas are cooked and moulded practically throughout the year. The moulding is carried out 100% by hand which means that no two Yemas are alike, they are all unique.

SANTA TERESA has one of the oldest food trademarks in Spain, so the Yemas commercialised by other pastry shops in Ávila call them Yemas de Ávila (Yolks of Ávila).