Sacha Hormaechea’s restaurant has been serving ‘bon vivants’ for 45 years

Sacha Hormaechea (Madrid, 1962) grew up in the kitchen of the restaurant founded and named after him by his parents, Carlos and Pitila. Sacha (Winery and Grill), now over 45 years old, has become a pilgrimage site for food lovers in Madrid. And the people who love this place the most are Sasha’s own colleagues in the kitchen: they know that going to eat at his house is always an enriching experience.
Hormaechea, who studied photography before taking up the reigns of the restaurant’s kitchen, has made himself into an essential feature of the capital’s gastronomic scene. Sacha, who avoids trends and fashions, prefers old-fashioned cooking, classic cooking, the kind done over a slow flame. His restaurant is famous for its lingering after-dinner chats; you can plan your arrival, but never your departure.
With unstoppable charisma, Sasha prepares a menu of real food, of unpretentious dishes in which the main ingredient is always the star. Among his greatest hits are the stewed oysters, ‘lazy’ omelet and lentils with bone marrow.